A New Light Theme Is Coming To Chrome OS

Chrome OS is getting a new light theme

We’re all used to being able to toggle between light and dark modes by now. You may think Chrome OS makes use of this feature. However, it does not. Previously, Chrome OS used a combination of dark and light theme components throughout the UI. But that is about to change.

Instead of releasing a dark theme, like other operating systems like iOS and Android, Google is introducing a piece of new bright music. Given that Chromebooks can run Android apps and that web apps can also employ light/dark mode settings, it was only a matter of time before Chrome OS added a genuine toggle between light and dark modes, as Chrome Story recently revealed.

According to¬†9to5Google, some elements remain in ‘dark mode.’ The shelf, fast settings tray, and app drawer, in particular. The light theme is still visible in places such as the file manager and the settings page.

While Google is working to provide a light and dark theme toggle to Chrome OS, it is unclear when these features will be available to consumers. According to Android Police, Chrome OS formerly included a dark theme, but incorrect coding rendered some Chromebooks inoperable. Hopefully, the new improvements will not cause any such problems.

Providing Chromebook users with the option to choose between light and dark themes should increase usability. Having a combination of dark and light themes, as Chrome OS now does, demonstrates a lack of consistency and deprives consumers of their options. Some people may find it difficult to see when the dark mode is on, while others’ eyes may feel very tired very quickly when the light mode is activated.

This feature’s exact release date is unknown. However, we will be watching for further updates.


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