6 Excellent Android Studio Plugins

6 Useful Android Studio Plugins

A plugin is a piece of software that adds a specific feature to a computer program. It assists you in making your task more efficient, sensible, and enjoyable. Plugins are the most important choice if you want to get more done in less time. This article will look at five of the most useful Android studio plugins.

1. Key Promoter X

The first is the Key Promoter X, which assists you in learning essential shortcuts while working. When you click a button within the IDE, the Key Promoter X displays the keyboard shortcut that you should have used instead.

2. Rainbow Brackets

Rainbow Brackets is up next. It inserts rainbow brackets and parentheses into your code. Color-coding your brackets makes it easy to discover paired brackets and avoids getting lost in a sea of identical frames.

3. Json To Kotlin Class

Kotlin to JSON Class is a plugin for generating Kotlin data classes from JSON strings or converting JSON strings to Kotlin data classes. You can use this to construct a Kotlin data class from a JSON string programmatically.

4. ADB Idea

A plugin for Android Studio and Intellij IDEA that speeds up your daily android development:

  • Uninstall App
  • Start App
  • Clear App Data
  • Kill App
  • Restart App
  • Clear App Data and Restart

5. CodeGlance

Codeglance is a plugin that adds a zoomed-out overview or minimap to the editing pane, similar to the one seen in Sublime. The minimap provides for rapid scrolling, allowing you to skip right to code portions. Codeglance works with both light and dark themes, highlighting syntax with your unique colors.

6. Android Drawable Importer

The Android Drawable Importer plugin allows you to upload images to your project. You can effortlessly import an icon from Material Icons or Android Icons and customize its format, size, color, and dimensions. You can also import a standard image and have it resized automatically for the target densities.


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