New Extension: VSCode Stories

New Extension VSCode Stories

Do you ever just wake up in the morning, open up VSCode, and think to yourself “Wow I wonder what other coders are doing around the world, what are they coding on?” Yeah, I didn’t have those thoughts either. Never. But I still made a thing that lets you know.

This is how Ben Awad, the creator of the plugin, started his introductory video.

He created an extension for VSCode that you can use to view stories like in Instagram and share your own ones with others.

To create this extension he used MS Stack, which includes using TypeScript and Microsoft owned language for both the extension and the API. They are hosting their code on GitHub, and the application on Azure Blob Storage.

How to use VSCode Stories:

  1. Stories can be downloaded from the VSCode Marketplace. After that, the following tab will appear in the editor. You can click on a special button or open a drop-down list.
  2. Then click on any avatar that you like: the file that this person is currently working with will open.
  3. To upload your story, click on the Create Story.

Additionally to this, you can customize your profile by setting a username, adding an avatar or setting your flair.

If you haven’t seen, be sure to check out the extension. All the code for the extension is open source. So if you have any feature requests, you can just code it by yourself.


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