Top 10 Flutter Loader Widgets

Top 10 Loader Widgets for Flutter

A Flutter loader widget is typically a circle that rotates over itself, indicating that something is being loaded and spins until the goal is completed. Loaders are now an integral part of every program, whether a mobile app or a web app. Because consumers would not wait long to see the program running in this progressive environment, the data should load as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, when the data takes a few seconds to load, the loader’s actual duty begins, in which it spins on an empty screen, signaling to the user that something is running on the back-end and will soon appear on the screen. As a result, the user gets the impression that the data is being loaded rather than staring at an empty net while the data loads. So, let’s have a look at the Top 10 Flutter Loader Widgets, which will undoubtedly come in handy for developers.

1. Loader Overlay

Loader overlay  widget makes it easier to control your screens. When an asynchronous job is loaded, this widget restricts the user from interacting with the screen until the task is completed.

2. Skeleton Loader

Skeleton Loader is a Flutter Package that gives your app a fully customized loading skeleton.

3. Flutter Overlay Loader

Flutter Overlay Loader is a Flutter pack that allows you to display an overlay loader or progressbar to aid in the completion of future tasks.

5. Awesome Loader

Awesome Loader is a dart plugin that allows you to use Awesome Loaders in your application.

6. Easy Loader

Easy Loader is a fully customizable Flutter plugin that gives you the simplest way to handle a simple full-screen loader. It’s written in the Dart programming language.

7. Circular Custom Loader

Circular Custom Loader is a package that allows you to see how tasks in your application are progressing.

8. Stream Loader

Stream Loader is a Flutter plugin that uses Dart stream to load material asynchronously.

9. Easy Location Loader

Easy Location Loader for simple location, a custom asset loader was created.

10. Bottom Loader

Bottom Loader is a small plugin that allows you to use a modal sheet to display a bottom loader.


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