Flutter Online Course: Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare Comparison and Review

Flutter Courses for Beginners Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare

Flutter is a Google framework that enables you to build cross-platform applications that share the same code. The scope of platforms is impressive – web applications, mobile applications for Android and iOS, graphical applications for desktop operating systems Windows, macOS and Linux.

An outstanding feature of working with Flutter is that applications for two separate platforms can have the same code. And because the platforms used are not identical, certain components of the code have to be modified for a specific OS, for instance, for iOS, but still most of the code would definitely match. This gives developers a great chance to seriously save time and resources on releasing applications for both platforms.

But Why Study Flutter At All?

Learning Flutter is essential if you think your future is with rapid web development. Additionally, with Flutter it is possible to create your own mobile application with only a single code array.

Great Learning Environment

Flutter is a relatively new platform, which makes creating mobile apps much simpler. If you’ve ever used Java, Swift, or React Native before, then you should know by now that Flutter is a little bit different from all of them.

Fast Results with Maximum Performance

Using Flutter, you can edit your code and be able to observe results in real time. This feature is also called Hot-Reload. It takes almost no time to update the app itself. Several significant modifications can reload the application, but if you are completing some design work, let’s say, changing the size of text, then this is could simply be done in Hot-Reload mode.


Flutter is supported in many IDEs. The two main code editors using the framework are Android Studio (IntelliJ) and VS Code.

Android Studio is a full-fledged software that has everything you need already consolidated. To start scripting, you will need to download the Flutter and Dart plugins first.

VS Code, on the other hand, is a simpler tool that has to be configured through plugins from the marketplace.

Now let’s look at the best places to learn Flutter – Udemy, Skillshare and Lynda platforms. Each most certainly has its own pros and cons and we shall look through them.

Udemy Review

Udemy platform has a great course on the basics of Flutter. It suits developers of any level, but requires some knowledge of the Dart programming language. During the course, you will build an application to present the current weather and its forecast. The course itself would be enough to start with simple applications on Flutter by yourself.

Learning Flutter Online: Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare Compared
Flutter Online Course: Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare Comparison and Review

What knowledge will you acquire?

  • Launching apps for iOS and Android with only one programming language (Dart)
  • Learn the basic concepts of Flutter
  • Operating with the Git version control system
  • Learning how to run tests on your own apps
  • Managing the Rest API


Udemy has a full course on Flutter with video lectures and practical tasks. The price of this course: full – $44.99; discounted – $9.99.

Skillshare Review

Skillshare has more than ten variations of courses from which you can learn the basics of Flutter, Flutter and Firebase and Flutter for Android and iOS apps. The duration of classes could be from three hours or all the way up to sixteen hours (132 lessons).  By the end of the course you will be able to manage Flutter Mobile Development Framework, and create apps that run natively on both iOS and Android devices using the General-purpose Dart Programming Language.

Learning Flutter Online Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare Compared
Flutter Online Course: Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare Comparison and Review

What you will you study?

  • How to master Flutter Mobile Development by creating apps, incrementally
  • How to design, structure and debug Flutter Android and iOS Apps
  • How to get Flutter apps to connect to a real-time database – Firestore
  • How to launch full-featured apps with Flutter


To commence a course, you should select a plan first. There are two main options here: you can either pay $8 per month or $39,48 for a year (3,29 for month). They platform also offers 7 days free trial for each new member.

Lynda Review

Since Lynda is owned by LinkedIn, you could observe the professionalism from its parent company affecting its course layout. In the Flutter course delivered by Lynda, you can learn how to apply Flutter, including setting up the SDK and simulators; adding widgets, components, and navigation items. Each lesson lasts approximately for 1h 33m.

In addition, using Flutter, you can create your own mobile application with a single code array.
Flutter Online Course: Udemy, Lynda and Skillshare Comparison and Review

What you will cover?

  • Programming with Dart
  • Managing the Flutter SDK
  • Using app simulators
  • Running Flutter for iOS
  • Running Flutter for Android
  • Applying widgets and material components
  • How to enable interactivity, routing, and navigation
  • Reading and scripting with Dart IO
  • Maintaining HTTP requests


The standard price for a month is 16,52 EUR with an option of setting an annual payment. The price of Flutter courses ranges between 20-26 EUR. Lynda also offers a 30-day refund guarantee and unlimited access to all the courses available on the platform.


Flutter is a framework of great potential that is currently under robust development. Thus, learning Flutter from reputable and reliable sources is the best way to advance your skills and invest in your job prospects.

In case you are still not sure whether to start learning Flutter or not, check out this video on Youtube here.


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