Finest Flutter Calendar Widgets

Flutter calendar widgets

Flutter is Google’s user interface toolkit for creating beautiful, natively built iOS and Android apps from a single code base. We begin with widgets, which serve as the app’s focal point on Flutter to make an application. Devices explain the appearance of interface elements while taking into account their current configuration and condition. In this article, we’ll look at the top Flutter calendar widgets:

1. Horizontal Calendar Widget

The horizontal calendar widget can assist you in making your calendar widget highly customizable. With Internationalization support, you can select a single or up to x days.

2. Syncfusion Flutter Calendar

The syncfusion flutter calendar widget includes built-in customizable views that give significant features for adequate meeting/event preparation and presentation.

3. Calendar Views

This calendar views is a set of customizable widgets connected to the Flutter calendar.

4. Scrolling Years Calendar

The scrolling years calendar allows you to scroll through the years to personalize them to your liking. It can specify a range of years and the first year to display and override the default month names.

5. Flutter Calendar Carousel

The flutter calendar carousel one can use this widget to make your calendar swipeable.

6. Flutter Calendar

Flutter calendar widget implements Material Design.

7. Calendart

The Flutter calendart widget has a popup view and multiple columns/rows of months, as well as multiple scroll directions and selections.

8. Table Calendar

Table calendar widget  include movements, animations, and a variety of forms.

9. Flutter Clean Calendar

Flutter clean calendar weekly or monthly calendar is displayed using an up/down slide mechanism.

10. Jalali Calendar

Using jalali calendar one can convert between Jalali, Gregorian, and Flutter’s DateTime objects is possible.


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