10 Hilarious JavaScript Libraries

10 Funny JavaScript libraries

A similar amusing hypothesis has long been known: for every word in the English language, there is a JavaScript library with the same name. Below is a list of the oddest names, along with links to their repositories and a summary of the functionality supplied by these libraries.

1. whenever.js

Here I was amused not by the name, but by what this tool does, namely, it allows you to write javascript as if it were English, for example:

whenever('Click Me!').is('clicked').then('Change the text to "Clicked!"')

I’m not sure if this is useful or really improves readability, but the idea is fun and worth at least curiosity.

2. kebab.js

This tool implements a queue with event subscription support.

3. thanos.js

Have you ever wished to have the power to do anything you want by a snap of your fingers? Thanos JS gives you a taste of this power, allowing you to reduce the file size of your project down to 50% with a simple command. But instead of achieving it by some clever JavaScript manipulation, Thanos JS simply randomly deletes half of your project files. Thus, this JavaScript tool isn’t intended for serious use. It was created just as a joke.

4. scrollanim

This is a lightweight CSS3 and JavaScript library for creating scrolling animations. It is free, open source, and easy to use. Scrollanim uses Animate.css and has a large number of built-in CSS animations, from which you can choose, for example, bounceIn, bounceOut, fadeIn, fadeOut and others.

5. mutant.js

The tool allows you to track changes in the DOM and find out, for example, whether a particular page element has been modified. The description on the repository explains in detail where and how this can be useful. Weighs 1.5 KB

6. anime.js

One of the best animation libraries in the world, Anime.js is flexible and easy to use. This is the perfect tool to help you add some great animation to your project.

Anime.js works well with CSS, SVG, DOM attributes, and JavaScript objects and can be easily integrated into your applications.

7. mouseTrap.js

A useful tool that allows you to easily link keyboard shortcuts to events in the browser. On the site, when certain keys are pressed, this part of the page is highlighted. Weighs 2.2 KB.

8. sentinel.js

This is a small JavaScript library that allows you to create a watch function that notifies you when a node that matches a given CSS rule is added to the DOM. The library uses dynamically defined CSS animation rules (@keyframes) that are added to the browser’s animationstart events when a new DOM node is added.

9. stupid-lib.js

The description on the repository states that this is “browser-javascript, jquery-like lib”, which gives reason to believe that some selectors for DOM.

10. popper.js

Popper.js is a 3 kB JavaScript library with zero dependencies that provides a reliable positioning engine you can use to ensure all your popper elements are positioned in the correct place.


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